We experience English!

Experiential Learning

It is necessary to have fluency of the English language. We have aligned our curriculum with the Common European Framework. Our 11th graders are prepared to face the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) that grants the certificate of bilingualism from the University of Cambridge.

Our students are accredited with level C1.

We have designed immersion programs in English that, in addition to strengthening bilingualism, allow academic and social interaction with other cultures, reinforcing the principles and values of our school.


Experiential learning is a powerful and effective tool to be used to improve the knowledge and practice of the language. The immersion in another culture can bring significant changes in the students’ learning process and his view of the world.

  • Immersion Camp in Orlando, Florida, United States
  • Immersion Summer camp in England, UK
  • Immersion Winter Camp in Alberta, Canada

English Immersions in Villeta

This program is carried out in Villeta-Cundinamarca. Each trip has special activities specifically designed to immerse the students in a 100% English environment.

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