“Trust is what you always earn with the right amount of words and facts”

Living Values
Values and skills for life

Values training is essential for us. We consider that our school is the appropriate setting for our students to adopt the values that have also been conveyed by the family.
The model of Integral Education provides the equal attention to spiritual education, values, academic level, technological education, artistic education, sports and professional guidance, and above all, we focus on having happy human beings looking for excellence.


  • Educating through example
  • Believing in discipline with affection
  • Generating an environment of closeness with students: Their teachers are their guides
  • Seeking affection and demand, because demand does not quarrel with happiness
  • Teaching our students how to handle their emotions providing them with Ethics and Values ​​classes
  • Providing activities that would allow students to acquire environmental awareness
  • Developing a campaign for good use of vocabulary
  • Participating in the school’s life by organizing sports, artistic and cultural activities
  • Adopting an underprivileged school for children with limited resources, in which our 10th grade students teach English on weekends and learn the value of solidarity
  • Providing times to meet and have meaningful conversations with parents
  • Following the principles of the Catholic religion, and being open to all beliefs
  • We are a school that cares for our students



We give MORE: Attention- Sensibility- Affectivity- Humanity

  • We pay attention not only to the academic education but also to the spiritual dimension which has a fundamental importance in the formative process.
  • We are a Catholic school, respectful and open to all beliefs and religions.
  • We have a beautiful chapel where students celebrate First Communion in 3rd grade and Confirmation in 10th grade.

We would like to tell you more about what we do. Please,