We value your time

We plan services in an integrated manner for the benefit of our school families


  • We offer a good coverage and well monitored satellite bus route service.
  • We have bus monitors in each school bus who are ladies directly trained in the school.
  • We prioritize safety and seek to continuously improve our transportation service.
  • Parents can follow each bus route.


The restaurant is a fundamental area for the wellbeing of our students.

  • We have four large dining rooms, two of them special for preschool children.
  • Our balanced menus are prepared under strict quality standards.
  • We publish the daily menu on the digital platform, so that the parents are informed.


  • We have 2 infirmaries with the best equipment for emergency management and primary care: One in the preschool area and another in the area of ​​Primary and High School.
  • A pediatrician and 2 nurses are always available during the day.
  • Commitment to the physical and emotional care of our students.


We give MORE: Attention- Sensibility- Affectivity- Humanity

  • We pay attention not only to the academic education but also to the spiritual dimension which has a fundamental importance in the formative process.
  • We are a Catholic school, respectful and open to all beliefs and religions.
  • We have a beautiful chapel where students celebrate First Communion in 3rd grade and Confirmation in 10th grade.

We are committed to education and integral service.
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