Based on previous research, we have adopted our own pedagogical approach which is focused on processes of inquiry and collaboration.

Students are holders of their own knowledge
We have learning teams
We provide an attractive and practical education, which seeks broad levels of understanding.
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Learning is fun and effective thanks to our pedagogical model, based on communication, critical, reflective and collaborative thinking. It is not about memorizing but learning from experience and teamwork, together we advance.

We provide chess lesson to build the skills of attention, memory, values, and concentration.

We give artistic education the importance it deserves; we have a building exclusively for this area, in which we develop our music, dance, plastic arts and theater programs.

We have a teaching team in constant training, committed to consolidating our pedagogical approach. Teachers with the attributes required to face the new international educational challenges.

  • Take advantage of the tools available to motivate research
  • Exchange experiences with their colleagues
  • Are aware of change to come up with new ideas
  • Observe, investigate and put into practice
  • Look for new methodologies
  • Value the learning rhythm of their students

We have designed an experiential way of learning.

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