The long road for your children’s school life begins in Preschool. The learning processes for the youngest is generated from inquiry for learning. Here, the error has an important value: error allows experimenting and it is part of the practical training.

Our children are builders of their own learning; their ideas, opinions and dreams are valued and respected. In this stage we seek your progress in four areas:

  1. Communicative area
  2. Psychosocial area
  3. Cognitive area
  4. Affective area

We generate varied learning environments that motivate children to overcome new challenges. We work with small groups to guarantee the development of their skills.


Our children enjoy an exclusive Preschool and 1st grade area until they reach the level necessary to integrate into the main campus.

We have the following specialized areas to ensure students’ integral and harmonic development:

  • School garden, where children are responsible for planting, harvesting and post harvesting.
  • Sand box for games
  • Arts rooms
  • Music rooms
  • Playroom, where the specialists teach students singing, playing and doing rounds in English
  • Specialized gym for the development of the fine and gross motor processes with a specialized occupational therapist
  • Dance hall
  • Library adapted to students´ needs, where we develop the project of Reading Approach.
  • ICT room.

We aim to train in empathy.

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